Tastiness in Photos: Granola!

So, I mentioned Susan Gibbs’ amazing granola last week. Once I started making granola at home, I was hooked! I really like customizing things :) Definitely check out Susan’s recipe – it’s a bit different than other granola recipes, but hella tasty.

I made a big batch yesterday, and took some photos as I went…

First, unsweetened shredded coconut!

granola coco

It turned into TOASTED coconut!

granola toast coco

Next up, toasted sesame seeds!

granola coco sesame

Pumpkin seeds!!

granola seeds

Dried cranberries are very pretty.

granola cran

Also dried apricots which are delicious!

granola fruit

Oats are pretty key to successful granola.

granola oats

Not pictured: toasted almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts. Oops.

granola finished


Ready to be scooped on top of greek yogurt and some Babe’s honey!


Honey & Hurraw

So, I ran out of honey.

Since it’s the season of yogurt-for-breakfast (in contrast to the other half of the year, which is oatmeal-for-breakfast season), I needed to pick up more honey asap. I like plain greek yogurt with honey and Susan Gibbs inspired granola best!

(I also needed to get the last dregs of honey out of the empty jar, and found this clever and tasty solution – which is GENIUS!)

So, I popped over to my local small grocer and picked up some of my favourite: Babe’s Honey! I have to say, although I don’t always buy locally produced food, I do try to… and when I tried local honey, the taste difference was SO HUGE that I haven’t bought mass produced honey since.

honey & hurraw

I also picked up some new lip balm! After reading about Hurraw balm on another excellent and local-to-me knitting blog, I was totally intrigued. I had to try it! I chose the Earl Grey tea flavour; how could I not?!

Growing up, I thought Earl Grey was just “regular” tea – it’s all my mom ever drank or had in the house. I still remember ordering tea in a restaurant as a semi-adult teenage person, and being stunned when Orange Pekoe was what came.

Anywho! I really wanted to try the Grapefruit flavour of Hurraw too, it smelled amazing. I think it might be coming home with me next time!

Cinnamon-ey Pie Crust Win!

So, remember on Monday, I made those butter tarts for Canada Day?

Butter tart day is one of the only times I make pie crust from scratch. (Which is silly, because I LOVE pie, and pie crust is not particularly hard to make).

So I had some pie dough leftover! Usually I make turnovers with leftover dough, but I have a critical lack of jam at the moment. (That is terrible. I LOVE JAM! How can I have no jam?!)

The solution to extra-pie-dough-and-no-jam? CINNAMON PIE CRUST omgggggg.

Holy yum. Whoa.

Probably easier and faster than turnovers, too. Roll out, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar (I didn’t even add melted butter or anything, and it still worked totally fine), slice, and bake at 350 until golden (for me, that was 15 minutes). Hella yum! I totally ate them for breakfast. Because, adulthood!

Things that I like nearly as much as knitting…

… include consuming cheese. ClichĂ©, but true :)

It was hot today. It’s finally cooling off enough this evening to knit with wool and alpaca (Ease of course!).

Instead of spending my Sunday knitting, I ran some errands, had lunch at a local taco spot, and made a really awesome cheese plate in lieu of dinner. When it’s hot out, having a cold dinner of cheese, crackers, fruit, vegetables, and dips is a favourite strategy of mine. I like it because it’s cooler, but also because it makes me feel like I’m at a party with fun snacks!

Cheese Plate

The plate on the right, and the sweet twig-like cheese knife, were a gift from my best friend and her husband to me and mine, for our upcoming 5th anniversary. It seems to me that a friend who understands the love of cheese is a very good friend indeed :)