The warm end of the spectrum!

So, I am still very pleasantly immersed in garter stitch stripe happiness.

I wasted no time after I found the perfect peachy sherbet colour  to start a stripe with it!


It is very pretty, and there’s something I find thoroughly elegant about the way garter stitch stripes look as they unfold. Especially because I’m working all of the stripes the same width, it seems extremely ordered and tidy.


Normally, I’m not much of a warm palette person. If I had ever had my “colours” done, I’m certain I’d be in the “cool” range, where they tell you to wear blues and grays and greens. Although I LOVE warm sunny yellow and bright happy coral,


and I do wear plenty of those, I have very little red or orange clothing.

Despite that, I’m finding the “warm” end of this spectrum blanket (which I’ve now decided it will be… I cannot bear to arrange the colours other than in rainbow order, and I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t end up looking cheesy) to be entirely delightful.



Bright, cheerful yellow will be up next, and I think it’s going to be just perfect.


Cat on a Knit!

Today, before-and-after cat on a knit photos.

Knits laid out to be packed for a trip:

shawl cat-1

And the same knits in a post-trip-to-be-washed pile.

shawl cat-2

(Both, obviously, equally perfect spots for sleepy cats :) )

Pictured knits:

Coral shawl: Damask by Kitman Figueroa in Shibui Knits Staccato

Yellow shawl: Moonlight Sonata by Shui Kuen Kozinski in Miss Gusset Sock

Blue shawl: Thorn by Kitman Figueroa in Baah! La Jolla

Blue sweater (in second photo): Tea Leaves by Melissa LaBarre in Juniper Moon 2010 CSA Share Yarn

Gray sweater (in second photo): Bergen Street Cardigan by Alexis Winslow in KnitPicks City Tweed DK

Peach! Light Coral! Cantaloupe! Soft Orange! Sherbet! Grapefruit!

So, as I suspected, I couldn’t get that light orangey pinky colour out of my head. I do very much like how the bright yellow I have looks next to Nantucket pink…

Pinks then Yellow?

But, I decided I should at least check out my local yarn stores to see what they had – if they had nothing in that colour, problem solved.

It turned out that the perfect colourway was waiting for me after all!

Cantaloupe Twins!

On the bottom, the original yarn I wanted to use, from Maiwa. On the top, a skein of Berroco Vintage I picked up – the colourway is called Grapefruit! I could not get over how close the colours were.

Cantaloupe Twins!

I’m glad I decided to take Grapefruit home with me (and luckily it didn’t break the bank, either).

Then, when I went to put the too-heavy-Maiwa-yarn back in my closet, I noticed something…

Wait... is that two different peach yarns in my closet?

The wound yarn in the foreground is the stuff from Maiwa… but just behind and to the right, you can see ANOTHER skein of yarn that looks suspiciously similar in colour!

Apparently, I *really* love this colour, because upon inspecting my stash and finished projects…

Peach Pile!

I can see that I’ve got a lot of it! On the top, the skein of Berroco Vintage in Grapefruit destined for my garter stitch blanket. Underneath, a skein of fingering weight merino/cashmere/nylon that I dyed myself at a workshop a couple of years ago. In the top right, the yarn from Maiwa. And on the bottom, a Begbie cowl knit from some local handspun I bought. Um… I guess I like light orangey pinks?!

I found something else rifling through my closet.

Also found in the closet... where can I find worsted weight wool in that bright emerald?!!

On the right, Ojai leftovers that will definitely be part of the blanket. That skein of bright emerald green on the left?!! It’s laceweight, definitely not something that would work for the blanket, but WHERE can I get some bright cheerful emerald green worsted weight?! ACK! It looks SO GOOD next to the Ojai!!!

I guess I won’t be able to call it a “scrap” blanket after all, will I?

Yarn Blog Digest!

Here’s what I’m reading in the world of yarn blogs…

What knit blogs are you reading?

Garter Garter Garter Rip

So, I’m still super addicted to and excited about my garter blanket project.

Honestly, I’ve kind of put my other in-progress projects (my Ease sweater and the crocheted cat nest) to the side in favour of MORE GARTER STITCH! That’s a very rare decision for me – I really like to finish projects, and usually focus on only one or two things at once until they’re complete before moving on to something new.

Adding a Nantucket pink stripe!

Since my last post, I knit another stripe in a new colour! I used some pink Juniper Moon share yarn from 2011 (whoa) – the limited edition colourway was called “Nantucket”. I made a Dark & Stormy sweater out of it, originally (you can see it on the JMF blog here!), and luckily, had some yarn leftover.

Cheerful garter stitch in progress

I had the next colourway all picked out already – a gorgeous hand- and naturally- dyed wool (dyed with madder) in a coral, cantaloupe colour from Maiwa on Granville Island, picked up on a trip to Vancouver with my sister a few years ago! I LOVE this yarn, and I’ve been saving it for something perfect.

I wanted to add this gorgeous peachy cantaloupe colour next...

Unfortunately, after I knit a couple of rows, I could tell there was a big difference in yarn weight. Although the label actually says DK weight, the cantaloupe yarn from Maiwa is significantly heavier than the other worsted weight yarns I’m using. It stretched out the stitches and distorted the blanket too much to be okay. I actually worked seven rows before I gave up and ripped out. I really wanted it to work!

Oh well… rip rip rip :)

...but had to rip it out because the weight difference was too great.

Now I have to decide whether to pop by my LYS and look for an affordable, lighter worsted replacement in a similar colour, or choose from one of the colours I have already. I’ve become very mentally attached to the idea of including a soft, warm orange tone, but maybe I should just stick with yarn I have already? Like this sunny yellow?

Garter Stripe Yarn Progress

What would you do? Advise me!! :)

I offer a cat on a knit!

Today, I’m in the middle of managing some deadlines (because I’m dumb and didn’t manage them when I should have…)

And I’ve been doing some secret knitting for a gift project, so I can’t even show you that.

Instead, I offer you a photo of my cat on a knit :)


(I looked through my stash photos the other day, and realized I have kind of a lot of photos of my cat on knits or near stash. So I’ll be posting them now and then!)

The knit above is the Hooray Cardigan (pattern by Veera Valimaki), which I knit in Juniper Moon Farm’s share yarn in the (limited edition) Ojai colourway. I wrote a series of blog posts over at the Juniper Moon blog as I knit the sweater! My cat approved.

Garter Stripe Blanket!

So, I’ve made a couple of knit and crocheted blankets in my time.

I knit a very ugly blanket out of heavy, neon bouclé novelty yarn when I lived in residence during my undergrad. (Someday I’ll post a photo of it… it is very warm, and very, very ugly. :) ) I crocheted a giant navy and black afghan for my now-husband back when he was just my boyfriend (maybe the way around the sweater curse is to make an even gianter gift project instead?). And I made a pretty, lacy baby-sized throw out of heavy fingering weight wool last year.

I really love blankets and throws, especially knitted ones, and I hope when I’m old and wrinklier, I’ll have a whole closetful. I have SO many in my Ravelry queue!

I’d like to make one of the ubiquitous sock yarn blankets someday, but I don’t have nearly enough scraps yet. I do, however, have some worsted weight leftovers that I think work well together, sooo…

I started a garter stripe blanket! This will be a long term project, but I’m smitten with it at the moment.

Garter Stripe

I love the ‘wrong’ side as much as the right side!

Garter Stripe Flip

I’ve got a few colours pulled out of my stash to add on as I go, and now I’m thinking I might even add some stripes going in the opposite direction to make it bigger (almost like a log cabin, but less log cabiney).

Garter Stripe Yarn

I’m really excited to see how this turns out, even if it might be a looong time until it’s finished!

Yarn Blog Digest!

Here’s what I’ve been reading…

What are you reading this week?

One Ease-y Sleeve :)

So, I’ve finished the first sleeve on Ease!

Like the rest of the sweater, the sleeves have positive ease and are kind of slouchy and cozy. Sleeves are one of the easiest things to modify, I think, and something I change on just about every garment I make.

I made mine shorter than the pattern calls for, but they’ll still be quite long on my arms. I also opted to knit just a regular ribbed cuff instead of the extra-long foldover cuff shown in the original pattern, both to save yarn (because I’m certain I will use up every inch) and to keep it looking intentionally oversized instead of comically so. (I am 4’11” after all!)

Here’s the finished sleeve!


Just one left to go!


Crochet Cat Nest Update!

So, I rooted around in my stash last night, and came up with a tiny bit more yarn in the right weight for my crocheted cat nest.

Although red isn’t really a colour we use in household decor over here at casa-barf-green, I really like using up leftover yarn (in this case, the red yarn is from slippers I made my brother-in-law for Christmas one year), AND I want to keep this project as cheap as I can… because my cat is wonderful and I love her, but she’s also hella fickle.

While she looooves the cat-nest-in-progress right now…

Cat Nest Update!

Maybe she won’t love it forever, and if I spend a lot of money on the yarn, I’ll be sad.

I’m hoping I can use some coupons at Michael’s and pick up some (Lion Brand) Wool Ease Thick & Quick to continue the nest!

I never thought I’d be saying this, but… crochet is really fun, people.