Seaglass Spinning

So, I have had a crazy busy couple of weeks since the fair! Changing schedules, lots of other personal stuff keeping me busy, sheesh! I’m excited that’s ALMOST fall, because I like fall just about as much as I like fall fairs (so um, a lot). All that personal busyness, combined with continuing to be very careful and mindful and minimal around crafting, to keep my wrists healthy, means not a ton of progress on all of my projects.

BUT! I have been doing a little bit of spinning. For some reason, the last few years, late summer and early fall seem to be the time of year that I remember how fun spinning is. Several years ago, I took a spindle spinning class at one of my local yarn stores, and then was gifted some extremely beautiful handmade spindles by my cabinetmaker brother-in-law. And THEN figured out that spinning fiber tends to be a bit cheaper than yarn even… so now I have LOTS of fiber, and LOTS of spindles, and occasionally I actually combine those with my HANDS and get to making yarn :)

So, here’s the fiber I pulled out of my stash (which is, thanks to a recent closet downsize, sadly in bags in a pile… sigh.): It’s 4 oz of 22 micron merino pencil roving from a (now out of business) local dyer, Everything Old. (The dyer now has a fabulous knit/spin/sew podcast – check it out: The Knitting Pretty Podcast!!) The colourway is what pulled me WAY in when I bought this at Fibrations 2012; it’s called “seaglass”.

Seaglass Pencil Roving

Holy gorgeous, right?

Seaglass Pencil Roving

Even smushed up in its bag it looks pretty great :)

It has been a delight to spin, so far!



And how pretty is this spindle?


I’m planning to ply this, although I haven’t yet decided whether it will be 2-ply or 3-ply. Feeling pretty excited about how fine I’m able to spin it, though! And dreaming about what I’ll eventually knit with the yarn. I’m a VERY slow spinner (spindle + still park & draft + only spin once in a while), so it will be a long time until this is a knitting project, but it’s so so fun and at the end YOU GET YARN! If you’ve never tried spinning – do it :)

A little bit of spinning!

Hi friends!

I’ve been trying to craft diversely lately, because although not as acute as it was, my persistent wrist soreness/numbness/weirdness is persisting. I’m hoping that keeping my fiber hobbies a bit more spread out and varied will help!

I’m only a novice spinner, but that’s okay with me. I have lots of gorgeous spindles, all made for me by my extremely talented brother-in-law. He’s a skilled cabinetmaker, but he’s also made me spindles, knitting needles, and some insanely gorgeous custom wooden PENS with my name engraved on them! I married into a family with some amazing skills :)

Anyway, back to the spinning! This fiber was a gift from my mom – it’s from Farmable Fibers, and it’s a mix of 80% merino and 20% bamboo.


I’m trying to spin it with the intention of using it as fingering/heavy fingering weight singles. Because I don’t plan to ply it, I’m trying to add just enough twist but not too much.

Do you spin? Tell me about it! :)