Things that I like nearly as much as knitting…

… include consuming cheese. Cliché, but true :)

It was hot today. It’s finally cooling off enough this evening to knit with wool and alpaca (Ease of course!).

Instead of spending my Sunday knitting, I ran some errands, had lunch at a local taco spot, and made a really awesome cheese plate in lieu of dinner. When it’s hot out, having a cold dinner of cheese, crackers, fruit, vegetables, and dips is a favourite strategy of mine. I like it because it’s cooler, but also because it makes me feel like I’m at a party with fun snacks!

Cheese Plate

The plate on the right, and the sweet twig-like cheese knife, were a gift from my best friend and her husband to me and mine, for our upcoming 5th anniversary. It seems to me that a friend who understands the love of cheese is a very good friend indeed :)


5 thoughts on “Things that I like nearly as much as knitting…

  1. That is a perfectly awesome dinner. I’ll sometimes have cheese and crackers for lunch and my husband always thinks that’s completely weird. He’s not a big fan of cold food, though. I’ll make a taco salad in the summer and he’ll warm the meat back up before putting it on his salad. Gross.

    • Right?! So good, especially in hot weather :) I’m totally with you – hot meat on cold salad is not the best. Luckily my spouse is super easy going foodwise, especially if he’s not making it – he always says if someone makes him a meal, it’s a total win no matter what the meal is :)

  2. Love it! Cheese and apples and some grainy mustard are one of my favorite cold meals (or a bedtime snack, although the mustard is not always a wise choice late at night). ;)

    Which neckline are you going to do for Ease? I am intrigued!

    • Mmmm mustard!!! I should have thought of that. Our cheese shop carries a million fancy jams and chutneys and stuff, but I’m lucky to get out of there with just cheese and still have some dollars left (damn expensive cheese). I do sometimes make devilled (or just hard boiled) eggs too, and last night I had a big bowl of fresh raspberries :)

      I will probably do the open neck instead of the drawstring neck on Ease. I love them both, but I think I only have enough yardage for the open neck – the drawstring version requires about 200 yards more yarn.

      • Deviled eggs are one of my faves! Now I will be surprised if I make it through the day without making some.

        As far as the necks go, I think they are both lovely in their own ways, but the open one seems super extra comfy to me. :)

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