One Ease-y Sleeve :)

So, I’ve finished the first sleeve on Ease!

Like the rest of the sweater, the sleeves have positive ease and are kind of slouchy and cozy. Sleeves are one of the easiest things to modify, I think, and something I change on just about every garment I make.

I made mine shorter than the pattern calls for, but they’ll still be quite long on my arms. I also opted to knit just a regular ribbed cuff instead of the extra-long foldover cuff shown in the original pattern, both to save yarn (because I’m certain I will use up every inch) and to keep it looking intentionally oversized instead of comically so. (I am 4’11” after all!)

Here’s the finished sleeve!


Just one left to go!



An Ease-y Update!

Hi friends!

I have sweater progress to show you! I’ve been knitting a (modified) Ease sweater (design by Alicia Plummer) in Juniper Moon’s Moonshine yarn, and I’m making good progress!

I’ve finished the body, which was a lot of plain stockinette. I know some people find that boring, but I find it relaxing. I like listening to the radio or podcasts while I knit!


I customized the exact number of rows, increases, and decreases, although I stayed fairly true to the original look of the tailoring in the pattern. I adjusted it so that the sweater has about 1.5″ of positive ease on my body. For example, the sweater’s bust measurement is about 38.5″ around, and mine is 37″. It’s going to be a cozy, drapey sweater!


I eliminated a section of stockinette in a smaller needle size at the bottom of the body, as some other Ravellers have done, because I wanted to eliminate the sort of foldover effect it produced. I love that look on other people, but didn’t want it for my own sweater. Instead I went right into what will be deep ribbing at the bottom of the sweater.


I often find 1×1 rib tricky to work tight enough, but this pattern makes it easier with a smaller needle size. I’m hoping that blocking at the end will make my stitches more even and less stretchy looking! Ribbing is something I almost always obsess over while I’m knitting, but then completely forget about once I have a finished garment in my hands :)


What are you knitting this summer? I’d love to hear about it!