Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Please shine down on me!

So, sunny yellow seems like the perfect summer colour to me. I love yellow – next to barf green, it’s probably my favourite.

Happy, sunny yellow!

I like bright yellow, and mustard yellow, and yellows like straw or apricots… if Harvest Gold appliances were still widely available, I would want one.

Warm spectrum all the way!

And, no surprise: garter stitch looks great in yellow.

Yellow, sherbet, pink, red, and crimson brick road?

And you know what comes after yellow, don’t you?!!

...a hint of springy OJAI green on the way :)
Normal home decor, yeah?



The warm end of the spectrum!

So, I am still very pleasantly immersed in garter stitch stripe happiness.

I wasted no time after I found the perfect peachy sherbet colour  to start a stripe with it!


It is very pretty, and there’s something I find thoroughly elegant about the way garter stitch stripes look as they unfold. Especially because I’m working all of the stripes the same width, it seems extremely ordered and tidy.


Normally, I’m not much of a warm palette person. If I had ever had my “colours” done, I’m certain I’d be in the “cool” range, where they tell you to wear blues and grays and greens. Although I LOVE warm sunny yellow and bright happy coral,


and I do wear plenty of those, I have very little red or orange clothing.

Despite that, I’m finding the “warm” end of this spectrum blanket (which I’ve now decided it will be… I cannot bear to arrange the colours other than in rainbow order, and I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t end up looking cheesy) to be entirely delightful.



Bright, cheerful yellow will be up next, and I think it’s going to be just perfect.

Garter Stripe Blanket!

So, I’ve made a couple of knit and crocheted blankets in my time.

I knit a very ugly blanket out of heavy, neon bouclé novelty yarn when I lived in residence during my undergrad. (Someday I’ll post a photo of it… it is very warm, and very, very ugly. :) ) I crocheted a giant navy and black afghan for my now-husband back when he was just my boyfriend (maybe the way around the sweater curse is to make an even gianter gift project instead?). And I made a pretty, lacy baby-sized throw out of heavy fingering weight wool last year.

I really love blankets and throws, especially knitted ones, and I hope when I’m old and wrinklier, I’ll have a whole closetful. I have SO many in my Ravelry queue!

I’d like to make one of the ubiquitous sock yarn blankets someday, but I don’t have nearly enough scraps yet. I do, however, have some worsted weight leftovers that I think work well together, sooo…

I started a garter stripe blanket! This will be a long term project, but I’m smitten with it at the moment.

Garter Stripe

I love the ‘wrong’ side as much as the right side!

Garter Stripe Flip

I’ve got a few colours pulled out of my stash to add on as I go, and now I’m thinking I might even add some stripes going in the opposite direction to make it bigger (almost like a log cabin, but less log cabiney).

Garter Stripe Yarn

I’m really excited to see how this turns out, even if it might be a looong time until it’s finished!