Knitted Goods are Needed

Things are, predictably, busy this month. But yarn is still a constant for me, which is a VERY good thing. Because it’s been unusually cold the last week; knitted goods are needed!

I’ve been wearing wooly owls,


And knitting with the brightest green,

Brightest green!


And starting a sock for a beloved with cold feet.


Hope your knitted goods are keeping you toasty and cheery, too :)

Bright Winter Colours :)

Where I live, winter tends to be more gray than white. That’s okay with me, in some ways – I love gray weather, even if I have to be out in it, as long as I’m dressed warmly and have something waterproof on my feet. (I cannot¬†abide wet feet, though. That’s kryptonite.)

I do love snow, and even feel that cold-cold has its charms. I used to live somewhere that got more snow, and I do miss it. But I love where I live so much that I’ll accept an absence of winter white :)

Though seasonal neutrals do make me happy, it’s also nice to have a bit of a wake up colour-wise! Lucky for me, some perfect HELLO THERE! yarn appeared at my doorstep recently.

RainCity Knits Babycakes!

This is half of RainCity Knits’ neon sampler pack (normally you get eight colours, the whole rainbow – and they’re all lovely, I’m just counting my pennies these days). Aren’t the colours BANANAS amazing?!! Just the thing to make you feel happy and perky even on a super gray rainy day (in case gray rainy isn’t your thing, I mean). Krista, the dyer at RainCity, was extremely helpful and quick sending my yarn along to me – and she’s from my side of the country, hurray!

RainCity Knits Babycakes!

These adorable little pre-wound mini-skeins let you try out a bunch of RainCity’s cheerful colours at once! So perfect, right?

RainCity Knits Babycakes! (except the blue)

(Note that in the photo above, the blue yarn is not from RainCity – it’s Knitpicks Stroll tonal that just happened to be nearby)

I’m using my “babycakes” to make hexagons for my Six’es blanket¬†(designed by the talented Karen Lauger!), and I’m really pumped about the pop of brightness they’re going to add. I’m hoping I can get at least 5 hexagons out of each babycake, which will definitely add to my growing pile of six sided blanket pieces! Six’es is a little-by-little project right now: I’m mostly chugging along, knitting hexagons on the bus every day, blocking when I get the chance and storing everything up until I have enough for the biggish blanket I’m imagining.

What’s making your days bright this month?