Hi! I have some cool news to share :)

When I started BGIB (new initialism?!) (PS did you know there’s a difference between acronyms and initialisms? nerd time…), I decided to choose a free, easy to use platform (wordpress!) so that I could try out blogging without a lot of complicated setup – or consequences, if I didn’t stick with it for very long. I started writing way back in June 2013 (whoa)!

Since I’m planning to continue blogging this year, I thought it might be time to spruce up my blogging space a little bit. Sooooooo… (drumroll)…

From now on, you can find me over at!


You’ll find all of the blog posts I’ve written here over at the new space, all the comments everyone has left, all the photos – and whatever is to come in the future :) I hope you’ll consider following me over to! I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading, and happy crafting!!


Neon Confetti Irresistible!

Hi! Happy January! Is that a thing that people say? Happy January anyway :)

So far I’ve spent quite a lot of this calendar year eating nachos (YES) and watching the West Wing on netflix (YES) with my favourite person :) I have not been doing any knitting (broken record: no-crafting-for-wrist-healing-for-as-long-as-I-can-stand-it-so-that-hopefully-it-really-heals-this-time).

But! I did do a little bit of knitting back in mid-December that I haven’t shown you yet. (It was a bad idea wrists-wise, but I can still show it to you. Yeah!)

Remember this neon yarn that I gushed about (from Vancouver’s RainCityKnits) which I picked up at this summer’s Fibrations festival in Victoria?


I love speckley, sprinkley yarns like this one, even though I sometimes have a hard time finding patterns that really make them shine. I’m using it to make (Guelph’s) Ash Kearns’ pattern, Clincher, and I’m still pretty obsessed with it. (Also kind of pleased that both the yarn and the pattern are by Canadians :) )


I think the combination of yarn and pattern here is FANTASTIC. Kudos to RainCity dyer (and lovely person) Krista for doing such a beautiful and non-pool-ey dye job!

Project glamour shots time? I think so.





Neon yarn + simple, addictive pattern + bright happy project bag = COME ON


Finally, regularly scheduled cat leg cameo:


Yeah. I really, really love how this yarn is knitting up, and when I’m back in fighting form knitting-wise, I’m going to be all over this prettiness. It just makes my heart happy!