Greens galore! (aka blanket update)

Guess what! Garter chevron stripe blanket update! :D

A sneak peak is enough, right?


A little bit more?




In all it’s three-stripes-and-four-colours-done-so-far glory! Um, yes. It’s still making me super happy. Squishy and drapey and garterey and GREEN! For real.

Getting to start a new colour in any striped project is always especially exciting for me. The first of the darker greens!



Even though it’s starting to get a little bit warm where I am, our summers are pretty mild, and working on this blanket in the cool evenings or shadier afternoons is still totally pleasant.


I’m inching along! This is the last full stripe, which is also pretty exciting. Once this colour is finished (which won’t be a for a while), I’ll be knitting two triangles to fill in the bottom corners. I love this pattern! (It’s the Heirloom Chevron Throw by Jocelyn Tunney :) )

Besides this garterey goodness, I’ve been working on another blanket project, too… (you can probably guess which one). Are you into blanket knitting? I am a teeny bit obsessed :)


Inch by Inch, Row by Row…

… I’m going to make this blanket grow :)

I’m still taking things very carefully, knitting-wise. I think I’ve finally reconciled myself to the need to check in with a medical person about my frequently resurgent RSI/muscle-achy-terribleness (technical term ;) ), because even though I’m trying to minimize my keyboard time and other repetitive activities, I can still feel the twingey pain coming on pretty quickly.

Despite all of that, a row or two each day is happening! Just so that my hands don’t forget knitting altogether, and because it’s good for my mental health.

Row by row

I’m inching along on the medium green stripe, and still LOVING how this blanket looks.

Row by row

It also FEELS pretty wonderful. Squishy and drapey at the same time, just enough warmth but not too much.

Row by row

I can definitely see more of these blankets in my future! A perfect relaxing project for an evening at home, with the bonuses of fun opportunities to play with colour and (obviously) an amazing blanket at the end :) Even though a wool blanket seems pretty seasonally inappropriate, I’m glad this is what’s on my needles.

Row by row

What are you knitting these days? I’d love to hear about it!

Garter Spectrum Stripe Blanket CATCH UP!

Since I last updated my garter stripe blanket progress, well… I’ve made a lot of progress. (Picture heavy ahead!)

I got busy working on the second repeat of the spectrum…


I took the blanket with me on the bus, and to work…


But then it got a bit unwieldy. So I worked on it at home…


And then! I got to the second True Blue stripe! This one felt extra special, because I got to use both the last bits of my own leftover True Blue, and some in the same colourway sent to me by my extremely kind friend Amber :)





Then… a calamity. I ran out of navy yarn just three rows away from the end of the stripe.


So, I wove in ends for a while, to keep busy until I could pick up more navy yarn.


LUCKILY, the navy yarn is Berroco Vintage, easily acquired at one of my local yarn stores. Thank goodness it wasn’t a rare hand dye!


Before I picked up more navy, I also started thinking more seriously about the edging for the blanket. I’m going to use some natural, undyed Juniper Moon Farm 100% cormo wool yarn that I happen to have… so I wound that up.


It smells aaaaahmaaaaaazing, feels wonderful and lanoliney, and is going to make an amazing edging.

Next time I update, I should be showing you the finished spectrum-ey portion, and be all ready to start the border bits :D

Garter Stripe Catch Up!

I am so excited about these photos! I’ve been making awesome progress on my spectrum-ey garter stripe blanket, because since it’s ALL knit knit knit knit, I can work on it everywhere! On the bus! On my lunch break! While watching TV! Before bed! :D

After the gorgeous greens, I moved on to my first blue stripe – leftover True Blue worsted weight cormo wool from a 2010 Juniper Moon yarn share (I made a sweater with most of that yarn! I’m definitely going to share where each of the yarn leftovers for this blanket came from. Soon!)

True Blue

After the first blue stripe, I got so excited about being nearly finished one full repeat of all the colours! I added navy and purple next.

The cool colours!

I think it looks pretty great folded up…

Starting to look lovely!

But maybe even better all spread out :)

Ta da! Halfway there!

My plan is to knit another full repeat of the same colours in the same order – so, after the purple stripe, starting over again at the darkest red and working through the spectrum again.

Then, I’ll add some kind of border to finish the edges. Spoiler: it will probably involve i-cord :)

Guess what? Green is my favourite.

So, I’ve been going like gangbusters on my garter stripe spectrum blanket. Even though it’s starting to get big, I’m still stubbornly pulling it out to knit on the bus and hauling it around with me to squeeze in a few stitches any time I can. Obsessed is not too strong of a word to describe my relationship with the blanket-in-progress at the moment :)

I’m actually a few stripes past what you can see in these photos, but for now, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

 Ojai to Emerald

Ojai to Emerald

Pretty Preview

Seriously, greens are best.

It's starting to look rainbowey!

True Blue is Next!

More blanket, this time with GREEN!!!

So, green is the best. It’s my favourite.

And now my garter blanket has a green stripe!!!

Barf green blanket stripe is best!

Even though I loved how the blanket looked with just warm colours, I’m LOVING that I get to move on to happy rich greens and cool blues now, too.

Seriously, green is the best.

This particular green that you’re seeing is leftover from last year’s Juniper Moon Fiber Farm spring CSA share, dyed in the one of a kind and totally perfect Ojai colourway.

Warm spectrum + green. Perfect!

There’s just something about greens that makes my heart go pitter pat :)

And I DID find a rich, deep, emerald green to follow up the Ojai with!!

Ojai green and emerald green!

I really think they look lovely side by side.

Yep :)


Squishy, cozy, cheerful garter stitch, you are the best :)

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Please shine down on me!

So, sunny yellow seems like the perfect summer colour to me. I love yellow – next to barf green, it’s probably my favourite.

Happy, sunny yellow!

I like bright yellow, and mustard yellow, and yellows like straw or apricots… if Harvest Gold appliances were still widely available, I would want one.

Warm spectrum all the way!

And, no surprise: garter stitch looks great in yellow.

Yellow, sherbet, pink, red, and crimson brick road?

And you know what comes after yellow, don’t you?!!

...a hint of springy OJAI green on the way :)
Normal home decor, yeah?


The warm end of the spectrum!

So, I am still very pleasantly immersed in garter stitch stripe happiness.

I wasted no time after I found the perfect peachy sherbet colour  to start a stripe with it!


It is very pretty, and there’s something I find thoroughly elegant about the way garter stitch stripes look as they unfold. Especially because I’m working all of the stripes the same width, it seems extremely ordered and tidy.


Normally, I’m not much of a warm palette person. If I had ever had my “colours” done, I’m certain I’d be in the “cool” range, where they tell you to wear blues and grays and greens. Although I LOVE warm sunny yellow and bright happy coral,


and I do wear plenty of those, I have very little red or orange clothing.

Despite that, I’m finding the “warm” end of this spectrum blanket (which I’ve now decided it will be… I cannot bear to arrange the colours other than in rainbow order, and I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t end up looking cheesy) to be entirely delightful.



Bright, cheerful yellow will be up next, and I think it’s going to be just perfect.

Garter Stripe Blanket!

So, I’ve made a couple of knit and crocheted blankets in my time.

I knit a very ugly blanket out of heavy, neon bouclé novelty yarn when I lived in residence during my undergrad. (Someday I’ll post a photo of it… it is very warm, and very, very ugly. :) ) I crocheted a giant navy and black afghan for my now-husband back when he was just my boyfriend (maybe the way around the sweater curse is to make an even gianter gift project instead?). And I made a pretty, lacy baby-sized throw out of heavy fingering weight wool last year.

I really love blankets and throws, especially knitted ones, and I hope when I’m old and wrinklier, I’ll have a whole closetful. I have SO many in my Ravelry queue!

I’d like to make one of the ubiquitous sock yarn blankets someday, but I don’t have nearly enough scraps yet. I do, however, have some worsted weight leftovers that I think work well together, sooo…

I started a garter stripe blanket! This will be a long term project, but I’m smitten with it at the moment.

Garter Stripe

I love the ‘wrong’ side as much as the right side!

Garter Stripe Flip

I’ve got a few colours pulled out of my stash to add on as I go, and now I’m thinking I might even add some stripes going in the opposite direction to make it bigger (almost like a log cabin, but less log cabiney).

Garter Stripe Yarn

I’m really excited to see how this turns out, even if it might be a looong time until it’s finished!