Cinnamon-ey Pie Crust Win!

So, remember on Monday, I made those butter tarts for Canada Day?

Butter tart day is one of the only times I make pie crust from scratch. (Which is silly, because I LOVE pie, and pie crust is not particularly hard to make).

So I had some pie dough leftover! Usually I make turnovers with leftover dough, but I have a critical lack of jam at the moment. (That is terrible. I LOVE JAM! How can I have no jam?!)

The solution to extra-pie-dough-and-no-jam? CINNAMON PIE CRUST omgggggg.

Holy yum. Whoa.

Probably easier and faster than turnovers, too. Roll out, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar (I didn’t even add melted butter or anything, and it still worked totally fine), slice, and bake at 350 until golden (for me, that was 15 minutes). Hella yum! I totally ate them for breakfast. Because, adulthood!