Oops :(

Hello! I hope your week has been lovely so far :)

I’ll get to the “oops” in a minute, but first an update on my Ease sweater in Juniper Moon’s Moonshine yarn! I’ve been working on waist decreases, and I’m just about finished with those.

I’ve adjusted the pattern to work with my gauge, my body measurements, and how I’d like the sweater to fit. It’s designed to be looser and slouchy, and I like that idea. The yarn is soft and the fabric I’m getting is fairly drapey, which works for that look. It’s looking like overall, the sweater will have about 1.4″ of positive ease. Despite that, the sweater is still tailored to make the look more feminine and less baggy. The sweater’s waist will still be larger than my actual waist, but it’s smaller than the sweater’s bust and hips.

Ease Sweater - Waist Decreases

I like getting to the end of the waist decreases – it feels like a good sweater milestone! Next up, I’ll be moving on to increases for the HIPS!

Okay, now the “oops”. Luckily, it’s not Ease-related! I broke a very beloved barf green mug yesterday.

Sad Broken Mug!

I’m quite sad about this – and it’s totally my own fault. We actually have TWO mugs just like this, (made by hand – from Glazed Over Pottery on Etsy) so I feel like I’ve ruined a special set! There’s a chip on the lip of the mug, and the handle broke quite cleanly. I have all the broken pieces, and I’m still kind of holding out hope that maybe I could glue it back together. Any tips for the best way to fix a broken ceramic mug?

Is it fixable?!!