Share Season: Juniper Moon 2014 Spring Share Time!

Hi! It’s been a hot minute since I last posted! The last month has kicked me right in the butt.

I got the BEST mail recently: YARN MAIL! My 2014 Juniper Moon yarn share arrived! YEAH!

(Are you familiar with Juniper Moon and their yarn CSA? 2015 is the last year they’ll be offering shares, so if you’re into it, get one while they still exist! There are other similar systems now, but JMF is the original and, in my opinion, the best.)

Anyway – my share yarn! Ooooh :)


This is 100% cormo wool – cormo is a breed of sheep, and they grow wool which is squishy and soft and amazing. I love it. The 2014 share is the 5th annual share I’ve had the pleasure to receive (mostly as gifts from my amazing family – Hi Family!). This year, the share came with a super cute stamped project bag and a customized measuring tape! It also shipped in a box, which my cat was very interested in.

Bonus awesome bag!

Feline yarn supervisor.

Shareholders have the option to have their yarn sent to them undyed (I did that last year!), or to have it dyed in a very limited range of colourways which change each year. This year, I went for the Orchid colourway, which is this gorgeous gray-toned mauvey colour.

Orchid gorgeousness

Oooh purpley


Soooo pretty. Yes.

I have some fairly firm plans for this yarn. Every year I’ve had a share, I’ve knit a sweater out of it. (Here’s 2010 (blue), 2011 (pink), and 2012 (green) – I still have last year’s undyed 2013 share waiting to be knit up, because I focused on finishing Shepherd last winter!)

TRUE BLUENANTUCKETMy new favourite sweater! High quality tags :)

The 2014 yarn share in Orchid is, I think, destined to be a cardiganized version of Knitty’s Beatnik pattern. I am a huge fan of the Beatnik cables, but am also a committed cardigan wearer. (Check out this amazing version!) I may not have it finished this winter, since I have such drastically reduced knitting time (to keep my wrists healthy), but knitters are patient people, right? ;)


I like it! – Brooklyn Tweed MEN!

Hi friends!

So, pretty much all of the design work (and yarn) that comes out of Jared Flood’s Brooklyn Tweed line is amazing. The designs are simple, creative, elegant, and exciting at the same time.

In the past, I’ve knit a couple of Brooklyn Tweed patterns, including (a barf green) Bridgewater and the Tweed Baby Blanket, and any time a new BT Wool People lookbook comes out, my Ravelry queue explodes a bit.


I’ve also the chance to knit with some of Brooklyn Tweed’s yarn – I made some lovely cabled (also barfy green) mittens out of Shelter in the Sap colourway, and I’ve been saving up some Loft in my stash for something special.

Today BT came out with a new lookbook and pattern series all designed for MEN! I really, really love the collection, and several pieces went directly into my queue.

I think the t-shirt inspired Redford sweater, designed by the extremely talented Julie Hoover, is my favourite of the bunch, and something my fashion-conscious and very picky spouse might actually like and wear! Timberline, designed by Jared Flood himself, is basically stunning, and I’d love to make a version for myself, to be honest.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, definitely take a look! There is a dearth of stylish, interesting, excellent knitting patterns for men out there – this collection helps to solve that problem :)