Things that I like nearly as much as knitting…

… include consuming cheese. Cliché, but true :)

It was hot today. It’s finally cooling off enough this evening to knit with wool and alpaca (Ease of course!).

Instead of spending my Sunday knitting, I ran some errands, had lunch at a local taco spot, and made a really awesome cheese plate in lieu of dinner. When it’s hot out, having a cold dinner of cheese, crackers, fruit, vegetables, and dips is a favourite strategy of mine. I like it because it’s cooler, but also because it makes me feel like I’m at a party with fun snacks!

Cheese Plate

The plate on the right, and the sweet twig-like cheese knife, were a gift from my best friend and her husband to me and mine, for our upcoming 5th anniversary. It seems to me that a friend who understands the love of cheese is a very good friend indeed :)