2014 in review!

Check it out – WordPress has this cool “year in review” feature that compiles a bunch of statistics from a blog over the last year. Neat!

Click here to see the complete report.

My blog is pretty tiny right now (in terms of traffic, commenting, that kind of thing), but that’s okay with me. First, because even chatting with a few friends (YOU GUYS!) is still lovely – and nicer than chatting just to Miss New Zealand… Second, because it means there’s still lots of room to grow!

I’m still thinking about the how’s and why’s, but I think I’d love to make growing the blog a little bit a goal for 2015. It might be challenging, especially if my arm strain issues continue to prevent me from crafting as much as I’d like to, but I really enjoy blogging so I want to try!

I’m not normally a big “resolutions” person, but I do like the idea of goals and targets (which you could argue is just semantics… but it’s a meaningful distinction to me. I think goals and targets communicate an intentional flexibility and aspirational quality, while resolutions have kind of a more rigid, “to be broken” feeling that can set you up for feelings of failure. ANYWAY!).

I have a few others in mind for this coming year that I’m still mulling over. What about you? Are you thinking about goals, craft-related or otherwise, around this time of year?


10 thoughts on “2014 in review!

  1. Right now, I’m busy trying to keep my head above water. I’d like to get back to doing yarn and book reviews (and perhaps utensil reviews, as well) but we’ll have to see where things go.

    • Aw, that totally makes sense! I hope the head above water thing gets easier this year. Ooh utensil reviews sound cool! I got some neat kitcheney gadgets as holiday gifts this year :)

  2. i just hope to resolve some work accommodation issues, figure out housing, and have more time snd energy to knit some of my mire vomplicated projects. i just had to rip out a hat :( lifelines are my friend – oh why didn’t i use them?! lol

    i enjoy the blog and the stats are cool!

    • Oh man, I’m SO hoping your work accommodation stuff gets resolved this year. It’s about time! Housing and knitting time need to happen too. I never remember to put lifelines in either so I totally sympathize! I’m so pleased to have people reading – and I love the stats too :)

  3. I really enjoy your blog, seeing Miss New Zealand and your other photos. I vow to use more stash, give some yarn away, strive to be a better spinner/knitter/whatever .

    • Yay, I’m SO glad you’re reading Elaine! I am totally with you on using more stash. Every time I pull out some yarn for something, I see three or four more yarns that I’m SO excited to get using! Stashes are a lovely thing.

  4. Oh, Yes. Read the instruction manual for my tablet to figure out how to post pictures online and get rid of the silly blob picture!!

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