Chevron blanket update… and blanket surgery!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my chevrons blanket (aka Heirloom Chevron Throw by Jocelyn Tunney – the pattern is FREE)! Despite still having generally terrible wrists/forearms, I’m managing to sneak in tiny bits of knitting here and there (mostly because I am not typing very much right now – my typing job is on hold for a little while, so I can stand a bit more knitting as a result). Here’s the blanket with gratuitous cat blanket thief!

Cat blanket thief

Chevron blanket progress

Looking good! Wait a minute… what’s that in the apple green stripe?


Ugh! A weird little tuft of yarn! At first I thought maybe I’d done a bad job of felted-join-ing, but upon closer inspection, I remembered that it was just a felty nep in the yarn, and when I knit it in, I’d thought it would blend in fine. But because everything else is so smooth, it’s REALLY obvious. And annoying. I decided I could probably fix it with some surgery, by cutting the yarn, unpicking the few stitches where the nep was, and grafting with new yarn… weaving in the ends on the back for close to seamlessness.



Ooh messy

I worked on figuring out the kitchenering with contrasting yarn, to make it easier to see what was going on. Then I tied on the right colour of yarn to the contrast yarn, and gently pulled/guided the correct yarn through. (I really should have taken more photos… but it was intense.)

A little bit better

A little bit fuzzy, but:

And the after!

Pretty good, right?

Can you see where I fixed it?

This is the spot I fixed! Could you tell?


I am loving this blanket, even though it’s sooooo slow going. 20 more rows (10 more ridges) of this colour and then I’ll be on to the final triangles to square it off!

Chevrons progress

What are you knitting these days??


8 thoughts on “Chevron blanket update… and blanket surgery!

  1. You are a brave woman. I just leave those little fluffs alone…or I cut them out before I get to them (which I did on two hats the past couple weeks). ::sigh:: Stupid yarn doing things I don’t stupid want it stupid to do stupid do.

  2. Excellent job of redoing the fluff of yarn!! It’s invisible. I probably would have darned in a completely outrageous color (like TomOfHolland) to disguise it. Anyway, you inspired me so much I got out all of my mohair (some of which has to be close to 20 years old or more!!) and started a blanket too. Amazing colors and the decrease side is going to be all orange. Just a fuzzy little lap (or bigger) duvet for cold winters here. Miss New Zealand has the right idea!!

    • Thank you so much!! I’m very pleased with the results of my little surgical adventure :) I do love the idea of mending with bright colours for a touch of whimsy, too. I’m so glad that you were inspired to start a blanket!! Blanket knitting is totally an obsession of mine. Looking forward to seeing some photos of yours !

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