Saanich Fall Fair 2014!

Finally, the fall fair! We went last weekend, and I haven’t had time to share the news until now (because we also moved last weekend… busy times!) This post has kind of a ton of photos, so I hope you’re into that.

First, I won’t lie, I went to check out the Needlework Room, since that’s where my entries were! (In case you missed it, the post about what I entered is here.) Out of four entries, two won blue ribbons! SO EXCITED! Both the cabled mittens and the Shepherd Hoodie won in their categories :) The other two things just got to be part of the fair, which is also pretty excellent as far as I’m concerned. The Shepherd Hoodie also won the Victoria Knitters’ Guild award for best Fancy Knitted Sweater! So cool. I love fairs. (And if I’m honest I really like winning stuff too.)

Winning Mittens! (The white ones)

Winning sweater! (The white one, again)

My garter spectrum blanket!

Other awesome stuff we saw in the Needlework room: an incredibly cool knitted salmon, a crazy intricate knitted gingerbread house…

Coolest knitted SALMON!

Incredibly intricate knitted gingerbread

The whole room was full of amazing things, which of course I failed to photograph. Oops! I did snap lots of other cool fair stuff though. Vegetable dude!

Incredible vegetable dude

Tiny adorable plants!

Tiny tiny plants

Apples make me feel like fall is right there. Right?


Beautiful and leafy!

Thanks for the instructions 4-H!

How to Ice a Cake. Thanks 4H!

I ate these. Also mini-donuts which I failed to photograph :)

Hot dog. Onion Rings. Yes.


Regular goats and mohair goats!

ALPACA PARTY! I got to pet one. What.

ALPACA PARTY! I got to pet one.

Sheep haircut time! Just a trim.

Sheep in the beauty chair

Brad: “Do you know why some of them wear coats?” Me: “YES! It keeps their wool cleaner and prevents it from being discoloured by the sun. KNOWLEDGE!”

Sheep in coats

Sheep buddies :) Their faces are basically the cutest.




Fluffy bunny

Prize winning eggs! This colour is bananas.

Prize winning eggs

Bye fair! I’m already excited and planning for what I’d like to enter next year.

Bye fair!

Is there a local fall or agricultural fair near you? I heartily recommend them :)

8 thoughts on “Saanich Fall Fair 2014!

  1. Back in Wisconsin, September brings the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI. I haven’t been there for a couple years since our move to California but it was quite fabulous.

    • Wisconsin Sheep and Wool sounds amazing! I’m a bit surprised my area doesn’t have a sheep and fiber festival, because there are a ton of wool and fiber producing farms around. I have no idea what options California might have!

  2. I’m hoping to get to Wisc. Sheep and Wool next year. Our Knitters Guild hires a bus and takes a bunch of us to Allegan, Mich. for their Wooly festival. We’ve been talking about going to Wisc. next year. It’s only 2 hrs. away and I have a catalog. Yum!!
    Congratulations, Sarah, on your beauteous entries into the Fair. Ribbons are good but money never hurts!!
    We actually left the dinosaur age a month ago and got a smart phone so maybe I can figure out how to post some pictures now!!

    • That sounds like SO much fun!! I hope you do get to go to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool :) And thank you SO much for the congrats!! I’m definitely planning to spend my winnings on (surprise surprise) more yarn :)

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