Not my favourite kind of post…

Just a quick post to say that I’m resting my wrists again! Sigh.

I started a new job (YAY!), but it involves a lot of writing and typing, and that’s leading to some wrist-ey pains. When I’m feeling sore just from a regular day, adding knitting on top just isn’t a good idea. It’s a bummer, but I’m trying to be smart and give my body a rest when I’m not working.

I do have some fun progress to show you from before things started feeling sore and burny, though! Look for that stuff soon :)

In the meantime, wish me healing and stronger arm muscles! ;)


10 thoughts on “Not my favourite kind of post…

  1. Why is it that what we love to do so much causes us pain and suffering?!! Have you ever used wrist braces at night just to keep all the ligaments in alignment? What struggles we must endure for our craft!! Be well.

    • I know, right? I haven’t used wrist braces but I should probably look into it! I think I could get away with just typing OR writing OR knitting, but the combination of all 3 is deadly ;)

  2. Oh dear. I hope it works itself out ; ) Hubby and I are coming to Victoria again this week. I plan to visit the beehive wool shop again too. Can’t wait!

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