The good kind of spoiled!

Hi friends!

Life has been BUSY! I had some work related travel, and was able to squish in some family visit time as well. I also had a birthday, and was throughly spoiled with gifts and kindness (and home made desserts… including pie, cheesecake, and my favourite, piecheesecake – which is a bottom pie crust, fruit pie filling, a layer of sort of cheesecake [cream cheese, whipped cream, and sugar I think], all covered with chocolate. It is. Amazing.)

Other than the desserts, a lot of gorgeous presents landed on me! Show and tell? Yes!

Mug + tea!

Super sweet mug!

Tea strainers!

Charming tea strainers! (I drink SO much tea. Especially because I’ve mostly gone off coffee in the last 6 months.)

Notions case!

Notions case!

Amazing notions case! So sparkly and green and useful!



Leaf bookmarks!

Happy, green, leafy…

Leaf bookmark in action


Super special hand dye made by mom!


Waterloo Wools prettiness!

In the Jungle!

More yarn, from Waterloo Wools, in a colourway called “In the Jungle”, which is super super pretty and amazing!


Are you lucky enough to get yarny gifts for your special occasions?


10 thoughts on “The good kind of spoiled!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! What a treasure trove of gifts for you. I purchased the Yarn Farming book for myself and could not put it down. Your Mum does a great job of dyeing yarn–beautiful colors.
    Generally, I just save up birthday and Christmas monies and purchase something good for myself. I’m currently awaiting the arrival of 2 lovely fleeces (already washed–Yay) and a new piece of equipment .

    • Ooh, sounds like you have some lovely things coming your way – two fleeces!! I’m glad to hear a good review of Barbara Parry’s book, I’m excited to read it. And yeah, didn’t she do a great job dyeing? Great results for her first time!

  2. Happy happy birthday! What lovely and thoughtful presents! Your Mom dyed some beautiful yarn – love the colors! You’ll love Barbara’s book – I haven’t read it yet because it had to air out and all (silky sensitivities to that glossy paper….) but I’ve been sneaking peaks through it.

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