Walking… Still not knitting

There were some completely lovely comments on my last (quite whiny, really) post about wrist pain and time away from knitting – thank you lovely commenters!

I’m still on my knitting break, so I don’t have anything yarny to show you. I did go on a lovely rainy walk, though, and I thought I’d share some of the best bits.

I started out near the inner harbour, which I kind of love on gray days.


This time of year, Victoria also has lots of cherry blossoms – super pretty!

Cherry blossoms



There was some fiber-ey content – I passed three or four of Victoria’s giant spindle whorl sculptures (more on them here – they’re called “Signs of Lekwungen”, and honour the Coast Salish). I love, love, love having such amazing and public connections to fiber arts in my city!

Awesome giant spindles

Spindle detail!

It’s 100% spring here, so flowers are happening!

Blurry but pretty

There’s also a series of sculptures around the harbour of hands doing a variety of things. I both love them AND think they’re super super creepy :)

Super creepy hands sculpture!

I love my city, and walking is definitely a good thing; I’m still looking forward to getting back to knitting, though!


5 thoughts on “Walking… Still not knitting

    • You’re so welcome!! I love Victoria, rain or shine – I’m glad you do too! My wrists are definitely starting to feel better, so hopefully I’ll have more knitting to show you soon.

  1. Greetings from Kamloops : ) I’m so happy to have found your blog. We have been coming to Victoria every month this year to visit my mom in law. I have discovered your gorgeous yarn shop ‘beehive wool shop’. What a sight for the senses. Just beautiful! Lovely pics here and I do hope your wrists get better.

    • Hi Carla!! I’m glad you’ve found my little space, too! The Beehive is pretty amazing, isn’t it? If you’re still in town, you should also check out the Button and Needlework Boutique (downtown, on View Street right near the Bay Center), and a bit farther out in Fairfield, Knotty By Nature!

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