FINISHED Shepherd Hoodie!

Finally! Finished, blocked, buttons-sewn-on, totally dunzo photos of my Shepherd hoodie!

In case you need a recap (or you’re new – hello!!)…

Pattern: Shepherd Hoodie by Kate Davies

Yarn: The Shepherd & The Shearer by Juniper Moon (still available for sale here)

Buttons: Handmade antler buttons from Button & Needlework Boutique

I LOVE this sweater. I would knit it again in a heartbeat! The yarn was right up my alley: a little bit rustic, a lot unique. The pattern was well-written, easy to understand, clearly illustrated, and easy to adjust too. I’ll let it speak for itself from here :)







Button band

Button and tulip buttonhole

More photos on flickr, if you want all the gory sweaterey details!

I’m sad to be finished because it was SO fun to make, but I’m really, really excited to wear it :)


8 thoughts on “FINISHED Shepherd Hoodie!

  1. I love the hood. I mean, all the cables are lovely and all, but that hood really makes it. I could hide in that hood until spring finally decides to make an appearance!

    • Thanks Christine! I know, the hood is genius, right? When I first started the pattern I wasn’t 100% on it, but now I’m SO glad I stuck with it. It’s such a key part of the look – and cozy too! :)

  2. My Shepherd is completely done and went to Knitting Guild on Tuesday night. I will get the camera thing figured out and post a picture.

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