Gratuitous button photo post :)

I have the BEST button store near me: the Button and Needlework Boutique. It’s a completely charming store that stocks not only a wide variety of glorious buttons, but also tons of yarn for handknitting and supplies for embroidery and needlepoint. I visited recently to choose buttons for my Shepherd hoodie! The staff are excellent, consistently patient and super helpful, with abundant thoughtful suggestions about button-to-garment pairings and a wealth of knowledge about what each button is made out of and where it comes from.

(And when I say they’re patient, you should know that I pulled out a LOT of buttons to lay out on my sweater and probably spent forty five minutes hemming and hawing.) They even wrap up your purchases in tidy, perfect paper packets.

Button love :)

I must have considered twenty different kinds of buttons for my Shepherd sweater this trip. I like to cast a wide net in case something surprises me. I looked at brown buttons (wood, leather, plastic, horn…) of every shade, from chestnut to honey to wheat. I looked at silver and gray buttons (metal, polished wood, ceramic) – gray is really right up my alley.

Button options

I also looked at buttons that more closely matched the cream colour of my sweater. I always have an internal debate between choosing bold, contrasting buttons or subtler, matching buttons. There were rather a lot of very charming cream buttons made from shell, wood, plastic, and even antler.

I’ve used their locally produced, humanely harvested antler buttons before, on my Hooray cardigan (the antlers are shed by deer, and then collected, cut, and sanded into button shapes by a local artisan). They are SO completely charming; I really meant to choose something different this time, for variety, but they looked so perfect and they made my heart go pitter pat, so I gave in. Wouldn’t you have done the same?

Button love :)

Button love :)

Button love :)

Button love :)

Button love :)

Miss New Zealand likes them as much as I do!

Button love :)


9 thoughts on “Gratuitous button photo post :)

    • Aw, I’m sorry!! I ran out of time to actually sew ON the buttons yesterday (and the day before, ugh), and now I’m kind of holding on for photos until I have a person who will take photos FOR me this weekend. SOON THOUGH!

  1. Hey, did you see the opening Community Spotlight page of Rav today? Clearly everyone has been thinking about buttons!

  2. They are just lovely and perfect for your sweater. I’m doing a neckline on mine now as I opted not to do a hoody. I’ll be looking for buttons soon. I love that they’re all just a little bit different. Are you putting another button on the back just for reinforcement? or ribbon?

      • To reinforce buttons you can get other (plastic) buttons with same amount of holes (2 in your case) and put the plastic button on the wrong side of the button band behind the button. Then sew through both buttons at once. If you really want to stabilize it you can also sew a grosgrain ribbon on to the button band before attaching the buttons. It can get really fiddly with all this finishing work but we have done a great job knitting a gorgeous garment and all these little things just add to the beauty.

        I bound off mine today. I knitted the neck with 3″ ribbing + another buttonhole. Now I can turn the neck over to meet the last buttonhole and sew it down to cover up all the picked up ridges and stray yarn.

        I would love to send you a picture but I hate to admit that I don’t know how. I don’t have a smart phone–just a regular little cell phone. Leave an email address and perhaps I can send you an attachment!!

    • Yes, I’m ElmPark on Ravelry. Our camera has a card that lets you take pictures and then transfer them to the computer. Perhaps I can figure this out–duh!! Sewing ribbons on the sweater today, then the buttons. I found some vintage buttons in my stash that I will use.

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