Shepherd Taking Shape!

Since my last Shepherd sweater update, I’ve made some exciting progress!

I finished up the right front, which was shaped with a combination of binding off stitches and decreasing at the neck edge.

Close up of front shaping

Right Front

Then I worked on the left front, shaped in the same way.

Left Front

Doesn’t it look pleasingly symmetrical? I’m starting to see “sweater” when I look at it instead of just “rectangular block of cables”!

Body without top back!

Now I’ve moved on to the center back portion of the body. It’s wider than the front pieces were, so it’s a bit slower going, but no shaping to keep track of! I’m looking forward to finishing this bit, because then I get to join the shoulders and start SLEEVES!

Even for such a large and labour-intensive project, knitting this sweater isn’t at all a slog. There’s constant evidence of progress to keep me feeling motivated and excited! I only wish it was small enough to carry with me on the bus ;)


6 thoughts on “Shepherd Taking Shape!

  1. You’re definitely coming round the bend!! I’m only knitting 10-15 rows a day on mine because I am cheating and knitting the Blackberry Aran as well (10 to 15 rows a day), plus a little spinning and mindless knitting. (leg warmers). I really don’t think I will knit the hood as it seems too big for me. Any other thoughts on the hood?

    • Well, it’s not “cheating” as long as it’s fun! I totally understand needing some knitting variety :) I’m still really enjoying the sweater, but looking forward to casting on some lace next – I think in a bright colour!

      I think I will knit the hood, but maybe not as large as in the pattern. I’ll probably try on as I go – and I’ll keep the blog updated ;)

    • Yay, thank you so much! Me too – I am really hoping I can finish the sweater while it’s still sort of winter in my corner of the continent :) I’m way overdue for a modelled photo too!

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