Shepherd Update!

The last time I showed you my Shepherd sweater, I was making steady progress on the lovely, heavily cabled body, and generally gushing about both pattern and yarn’s considerable charms.

Shepherd before dividing!

I’m still totally in love with the pattern and the yarn – no surprise there. I know it’s been said (by me, and by others) already, but the yarn for this project is just SO so special. It’s not buttery soft like most of the commercial yarns available today, but it’s not really what I would call “rough” either. It just has more substance, more body, more crispness, and I loooove it. Also bears repeating: it just smells. so. fantastic. Lanolin is magical, and fragrant.

ANYWAY! I took a little break from Shepherd over the holidays, to crank out a pair of socks for a beloved whose feet were cold and whose office mates apparently had handknit socks made by their wives. Now my attention is back on the sweater!

Like my friend Amber, who is also knitting (and blogging!) the Shepherd hoodie, I’ve just divided for the fronts, back, and sleeves. (*waves* HI AMBER!) Before I divided, I worked the body length to about 16.25″, a little bit shorter than the pattern calls for, for my size, because I’m a bit shorter than, um, most eighth graders ;)

A bit messy

I prefer to put held stitches on extra circular cables, instead of waste yarn, so that they’re super quick to pick up again when I need them. So, that means my sweater looks like a bit of a hot mess right now. All is well, there are just a lot of extra cables flapping around!

Starting the right front!

Progress :)

I’m making progress on the first front piece, and getting really excited about being able to try on a sweater body sometime soon :)


6 thoughts on “Shepherd Update!

  1. *waves back excitedly* HI SARAH!! Oh my gosh, your Shepherd is so gorgeous, and your little flappy is so exciting!! Mine is only a flap nubbin so far (all technical terms, of course), but this stage is so super exciting! It really starts to feel like a garment now!

    • Oh thank you so much!! I totally agree – starting to see the shaping, uh, take shape, is making it feel way more like a garment and less like a strange mini-blanket! ha ha

  2. Duh, and I forgot to whole-heartedly agree with your take on the smell of the yarn. Whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I just bury my face in it and breathe deeply. I hope with minimal “washing” I can maintain that smell on the sweater itself for a long time!

    • 100% me too, about the smell & the pick-me-up! I’m kind of hoping I have just a tiny ball left over at the end, so I can carry it around with me to squeeze in challenging moments :) I’m also sort of considering bringing yarn to hold at the dentist’s. WEIRDO!

  3. Your Shepherd is truly beautiful. Mine is a nubbin’ too! I washed all the wool before starting and have to leave the bag open as it is a little bit aromatic. Don’t worry about the smell going away–it may never leave the sweater!!

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