Healing, Knitting. Hexa-Rainbows and Rainb-agons!

I’m recovering! Slowly – but surely. I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to take a good chunk of time off from work to stay home, consume liquids, and rest. I need it, too – I’m totally worn out! Even a quick shopping trip today completely wiped out the energy I had stored up over a few days. Oops.

Also lucky for me, it turns out that knitting something simple is the perfect way to keep my mind busy (to avoid obsessing about the potentially catastrophic meaning of every tiny ache and pain – I’m a worrier ;) ) and to create something happy and beautiful at the same time.

First, I finished some socks for a beloved with cold feet. I *really* hope they fit, but if they don’t, I can make more. That’s the beauty of knitting, I think.

A sock for some cold feet

Next, I made a bunch of easy, comforting hexagons.


They have been the perfect project, because I don’t need to read or remember a pattern, and they’re small enough that I can work on them even with a supervisory cat in my lap. :) They are also hella pretty.


Even though I’m really enjoying working on these hexagons, I’d love to get back to my Shepherd hoodie, too. What are you knitting, these days? I hope it’s something happy-making.


6 thoughts on “Healing, Knitting. Hexa-Rainbows and Rainb-agons!

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. Over here, I’m working on a lovely hat out of Cascade 220 Superwash…which is kind of silly because it’s not cold here and it really doesn’t’ get cold here. It’s for my nephew who is stuck in the frozen tundra that is southern Wisconsin…and it’s probably for Christmas. I want that crap out of the way this year!

    • That doesn’t sound silly at all – you’re thinking ahead! Sometimes I make patterns that are probably too warm for where I live, if I really love them. I just tell myself that maybe someday I’ll be living or travelling somewhere colder!

  2. Getting ready to start The Shepherd, as well as 3 other sweaters I’ve swatched for. I’ve never knitted more than one item at a time so we’ll see how this goes. Wound stash yarns and some handspun for weaving blankets–got to reduce the stash!! It’s really frigid here in Chicago this week.
    Happy to hear your mouth is better–salt water rinses are good.

    • YAY Shepherd!! I’m so excited to hear how it’s going :) It is SUCH a gorgeous pattern! Oh yeah, I’m ALL about the salt water rinses. Hoping if I’m careful enough the recovery process won’t have any bumps on it!

  3. So glad you’re turning the corner. :) I have been working semi-diligently on my Shepherd these past two days and hope to somehow crank out another few inches by the end of the week. Oh dear!

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