Knitted Goods are Needed

Things are, predictably, busy this month. But yarn is still a constant for me, which is a VERY good thing. Because it’s been unusually cold the last week; knitted goods are needed!

I’ve been wearing wooly owls,


And knitting with the brightest green,

Brightest green!


And starting a sock for a beloved with cold feet.


Hope your knitted goods are keeping you toasty and cheery, too :)


4 thoughts on “Knitted Goods are Needed

  1. I’ve found myself wanting mittens, cardigans, and ALL THE SOCKS. I feel like such a wuss. I grew up in Wisconsin where it’s below freezing pretty much every day from mid-October through at least mid-March. But the other day in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was 46F, the wind was blowing like crazy, and it had been raining off and on for about a day. It was cold. I wanted my mittens.

    I feel like such a wuss…

  2. Yeah Owls!!! I MUST make myself that one finally. I only bought the pattern, oh, a million years ago… :P

    Knitting knitting! We are just now getting some frigid cold here on the opposite coast, and I am chilled to the bone. Yesterday was a Log Cabin day, and today should be a Shepherd day soon!

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