One Track Needles

Last weekend I took a short break from all the natural undyed-ness and cabley-cabledness of my Shepherd sweater to knit… a natural cream cabled hat. I like what I like! ;)

There had been a cold day that week, and I realized that I don’t own a single hat of my own! What?! That seemed completely ridiculous to me.

So, I knit Alex Tinsley’s Snowdrift pattern with half a skein of a singles, bulky weight alpaca wool blend from the Alpacas at Southey Point Farm, Salt Spring Island, which I bought on a fun trip over in the Gulf Islands a few summers ago. The yarn came from Stitches Fiber Arts on Salt Spring!

Pre-hat hat

It was a super quick knit, and I really love the way the crown decreases are worked into the cables.

Half hat!

But, it’s also winter… and it was way too dark to take photos when I got home after work every day this week! So, I have this one sad photo, snapped hastily in the morning before I ran to the bus.

Hastily snapped hat

The hat is cozy and cabley, but it might also be a teeny bit small for my (apparently big) head. I haven’t decided yet whether this is a for-me keeper or a gift for someone with a smaller head, but either way, a really fun knit!


6 thoughts on “One Track Needles

  1. You don’t have an abnormally large head. You have a lot of hair…and that takes up a bunch of room (ask me how I know). Also, I see nothing wrong with the fit. Then again, I cannot seem to make hats correctly to fit others (meaning they’re too short – they fit me fine so I don’t know what that says about me…).

    • That totally make sense actually, about the hair!! I’ve only tried the hat on with my regular, um, high volume hair. Maybe with straightened hair it’ll be cuter! It doesn’t NOT fit right now, I just haven’t decided if it’s flattering ;)

  2. I love how you take a break from natural cable-y knitting to knit, what? Another natural cable-y thing! Did I ever tell you I took a trip to Quadra Island once for a weekend knitting retreat?!! It took 2 days to get there, 2 days there and 2 days to get home. Crazy stupid trip that I’ll never forget. (Oh, to be making real money again!) It’s there I first heard of Salt Spring Island and some of the others. I’m dying to make a return trip. Someday!

    • Right? Not much of a “break”! ;)
      You know, Quadra is one of the islands I haven’t been to yet! The whole area is such a lovely place :) It sounds like your trip was amazing!!

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