The Shepherd is delightful!

I am SO excited to be knitting Kate Davies’ design for Juniper Moon’s The Shepherd and The Shearer projectTHE SHEPHERD! Here’s how it’s going so far…

After I washed my yarn and swatched, I started the sweater. I LOVE starting a new project, don’t you? There’s such a feeling of potential and adventure :)

The Shepherd is worked bottom up, and begins with a seed stitch bottom band. I used the cable cast on for this project, because I want the bottom edge to have a little bit of stability to help it lay flat. The cable cast on is also very tidy and clean looking, something I value highly in my finishing and edge techniques.

Casting on!

Then on to seed stitch! Truthfully, I like how seed stitch looks much more than I like working it, but getting a feel for this yarn made it a very pleasant task.

Seed stitch all over the place

This sweater has also allowed me to learn a new skill already – the Tulip buttonhole! Each individual part of the buttonhole creation process is fairly simple, but the result seems to be greater than the sum of its parts. The Tulip buttonhole is extremely tidy, sturdy, and symmetrical.

A Tulips buttonhole!

Finally — CABLES!!! :D

Shepherd progress!

Probably the prettiest cable around

Here’s what the wrong side looks like, just in case you’re curious about things like that.

Cable wrong side

I am so excited to be chugging along on the cabled body. It’s a lovely, rhythmic cable, and I think the results are just stunning. I’m already thinking about which outfits I’ll wear this sweater with! It’s one of those knits that has entirely captured my imagination  :)

Loving the Shepherd :)


6 thoughts on “The Shepherd is delightful!

  1. Simply lovely!! I washed all my wool, made it in to yarn cakes and then have done half a swatch. I was worried about the yarn recall so I stopped knitting but now that it’s been settled I can knit on. It’s a very substantial sweater and I’m really looking forward to making it and wearing it. I think I’ll use my handspun to knit The Shearer.

  2. The seed stitch…at least the cables are something to look forward to! Knitting is looking lovely Sarah! I loved making the swatch and will begin my Shepherd soon too! Thanks for the post!

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