Something for your eyeballs!

I don’t know about you, but I really like listening to or watching things while I’m knitting, especially if what I’m knitting isn’t too complicated. This week, I stumbled across two different hour-ish long BBC special programs that were really wonderful. You might enjoy them, too :)

First, “The Fabric of Britain: Knitting’s Golden Age”! It follows some milestones in the history of British knitting throughout most of the twentieth century. There is some amazing material (PUN ALERT) in this program. I especially loved the bits about knitting for the war effort during WWII, and the amazing, crazy, over the top colourwork sweaters worn by TV newscasters later in the 20th century.

The second awesome program, which you should really, really watch, is “Fabulous Fashionistas”. It contains interviews with six amazing women, all over the age of seventy, who are more fashionable than I have any hope of ever being. Their life philosophies, love of colour and style, and desire to keep enjoying life and attracting attention are, not to be cheesy here, completely inspiring. I loved loved loved this program – don’t miss it!

What are you watching or listening to? I am always looking for new things to keep my eyes and ears busy :)


8 thoughts on “Something for your eyeballs!

  1. If you enjoyed the knitting programme you should see the embroidery programme. Opus Anglicanum – from pre-Bayeux Tapestry to the Black Death. The glorious heyday of English embroidery.

    • Ooh, thanks for the tip Sharon! I definitely will check that out. Last night I watched the second episode of “Fabric of Britain”, on wallpaper – which sounds a bit boring but totally wasn’t! :)

  2. I’ve been trying to catch up with Fabulous Fashionistas but can’t seem to find it here in the UK. Which is just silly!

  3. Hey! I actually watched that Fashionistas program months ago. It was inspiring although I found it a little sad that women of that age still placed so much importance on their appearance. Then again, I guess that’s what being a fashionista is all about. Which is why I’ll never be one. Just not in my make-up. I’m going to watch your other recommendation asap. Thanks for the heads up. Like you, I really enjoy listening to or watching tv while I knit.

    • How cool! I’m not a fashionable person, myself, but it’s something I admire in others. Particularly sort of adventurous independent minded fashion, rather than following “trends”. Hope the knitting program is enjoyable!

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