Happy Things :)

There have been lots of happy things in the past week!

I’ve spent lots of time drinking tea…

This calls for tea.

Making (and consuming) fall-feeling desserts, like this Cardamom Gingerbread…


Staying inside while perfect, gray days unroll outdoors…


And hanging out with my furry, occasionally cuddly cat!



There’s a lot of knitting going on, too – but most of it is secret, for now :)


8 thoughts on “Happy Things :)

  1. Miss New Zealand looks quite cozy! That rainy day does look nice – we haven’t had much rain this fall – it’s getting pretty dry. Secret knitting?! :)

    • She does know how to get comfortable, ha ha! The secret knitting is just test/sample knitting, nothing too crazy, but I can’t share pictures or anything for a while!

  2. It all sounds lovely, but I am especially jealous of your rain! Like Torre said above, it is getting dry over thisaway! I am longing for a quiet, gray, sprinkly day like nobody’s business.

  3. I love perfect grey days, too. We haven’t had nearly enough of them to suit me and Connecticut is known for its many rainy days. I really need to move to your part of the world or maybe more north like, Salt Spring Island? Somewhere where it seriously rains a lot! That bread looks amazing and that tea looks too crunchy to drink, lol! That splotch on your cat’s nose is adorbs.

    • Salt Spring would be an amazing place to live! :) I think it rains even more in Vancouver than in Victoria, though some places up island might have Vancouver beat. The bread is JMF Susie’s recipe! Ha ha and I love loose tea, it’s super popular here in Victoria :)

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