Molasses cookies!

I totally lived up to my last post – I baked molasses cookies yesterday! Even though it’s sunny and warm today, weather-wise, I still have fall feelings in my heart (and I guess in my stomach ;) ).


I tried out a new recipe, and it took a couple of trays to figure out just the right baking time – as you can see in the photo below, there were some uglies (at the top of the photo) before I figured it out.

cookie success and failure

Sparkly, spicy, molasses-ey :) Add a big glass of milk (or tea) – perfection!

delicious cookie success!

Food is one of my favourite things about fall :)


2 thoughts on “Molasses cookies!

  1. Heck yeah, molasses cookies!! I have a humungous jar of molasses just begging to try this recipe! but not until my heat wave passes. ;) I hear Saturday will be back to Fall-like for my neck of the woods!

    • Yay cookies! It went back to being hot here, too… (I mean, hot for here, which isn’t really very hot, but you know). Next time it gets cool, I’m making Susie’s cardamom ginger bread!

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