I really, REALLY love fall fairs. This week, someone asked me what I was most looking forward to at the fair, and I just could not pick only one thing… there is SO MUCH to see and do and eat!

(Disclaimer: I should warn you, this post has about one million photos.)

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I also entered some knitting and spinning this year, which was super fun.

Here’s what I dropped off on Friday for judging:

A pile of fair entries

That pile has two sweaters, a large shawl, a pair of mittens, and some handspun yarn.

I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t head straight for the handcrafts room once I got to the fair – I really wanted to see whether I had won any ribbons! To my excitement, I did :)

Winning plain sweater!

The yarn for the sweater above is neat because some of it has a Vancouver Island connection! The pink and green yarn in the yoke is from Eastwin Farms, and was hand-dyed by Leola of Leola’s Studio. The natural yarn is from Juniper Moon Farm!

Winning Hooray sweater!

The yarn for this green cabled sweater is pretty special too – the 2012 Juniper Moon CSA share yarn!

In the Hand Knitted Shawl category - "Special Mention"!

Winning mittens!

I will definitely aim to enter again next year. Everyone running the fair and staffing the handcrafts room was really sweet, and seemed to be enjoying the fair as much as I do!  The handcrafts section was full of amazing things, from displays with information about wool and knitting to masterpiece creations, like a fully hand knit cornucopia! The genius of the i-cord green onions blew me away completely.

Wool facts! I did know this stuff, actually.

Knitting display

Incredible knit cornucopia on display!

Next up, time for some fair food. I went for a classic: a hot dog with fried onions!

Hot dog - a must!

After that, we checked out the vegetable, fruit, and flower exhibits. I have a totally black thumb, so I was amazed at the gorgeous produce people grew! Everything from giant squash to tiny cucumbers to HUGE kale to beautiful dahlias.

Giant squash!

Giant Kale!

Tiny cucumbers!

Longest beans

Neat tomatoes!

Carnivorous plants


There was also some incredible baking on display, like this multi-seed challah!

Challah with many seeds

A fair wouldn’t be a fair without tons of amazing animals, either. There were sheep, goats, birds, bunnies, and both alpacas AND llamas galore!

Sheep sign!

Whoa, sheep sign!

Sheep butts

Sheep deets

Goat buddies


Serious flowing mane action.

Oh hello pretty!

Llama butts

Winner of best hair feathers

Lovely duck

Sweet gray dove

Hello soft rabbit!


We even caught the end of some recreational agility dog races, which were so fun to watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such happy excited dogs and trainers!

Dog races!

We finished out the fair with another must: mini-donuts!

Mini-donuts are integral to the fair!

I can’t wait until next year :)

See you next year, fair :)


16 thoughts on “WOOOO FALL FAIR! :D

  1. Love love love x a million!!! Congratulations again on your winnings! Thanks for sharing everything — holy cow knitted cornucopia!!! The corn is especially amazing to me!

  2. Congrats on all your ribbons! I love all the photo’s, especially that Chicken!! This looks like a great fair and I am amazed at all the different categories they have. You have inspired me to enter the Big E next year with some of my knitting!!

    • Thank you so much Brenda! They do have kind of a stunning number of categories – and I didn’t even take photos of a fraction of them! There’s a whole jam & honey section, too! You should definitely enter your own fair, it is SO fun :)

  3. Congratulations on all the ribbons. Your knitting is just beautiful. Loved all the pictures, especially since I missed the Great MN Get together this year. I love going to fairs.

  4. I’ve gone to my local County Fair ever since I was born…that’s 42 yrs :-) Thank you for sharing your Fair! Hot Dog looks mmm…good and congrats on all your ribbons!! I was so close to entering some of my knitting this year but didn’t have the courage. Now you have given me some! Thanks!

    • Oh I would be so happy if I helped encourage you to enter in a fair of your own! You definitely should, it’s really fun :) I hope I get to go to as many fairs as you have!

  5. Sarah! Such amazing pictures and congratulations on all your ribbons. You are such a fantastic knitter and I am very glad that was recognized. I, too, adore fall fairs and must manage to get to a few this year.

    • Thank you so much, Dina! My local fair is quite small, I’m sure at a bigger fair there would be more competition. But it was fun to enter and win! I hope you get to enjoy some time at a fair soon :)

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