Happy Things This Week…

There have been some very happy-making things in my week this week…

Seaglass (and one piece of sea tumbled pottery!) collected at my very very favourite beach.

beach glass!

An adorable and inexpensive pin featuring a Gemma Correll matryoshka cat!

Matryoshka cat!

Tomatoey broth and melty cheese on a rainy day. Yes.

yup, delicious

Awesome yarn bomb seen in the wild!

yarn bombing!

A calm and pretty walk by the water at sunset.

walks by the water at sunset

The best thing that ever arrives in the mail: yarn and a surprise from a dear friend :)

howdy hurray!

What’s been making you smile?


6 thoughts on “Happy Things This Week…

  1. My very favorite kind of blog post; thanks for sharing! It really is true that the simple things in life are best and make us the most happy. That is the message I got from this post but not in any kind of preachy way.

    • That’s totally how I feel! And it helps me to be more positive if I try to focus on all the truly lovely things in my life, and to put the stresses aside when I can.

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