Garter Stripe Catch Up!

I am so excited about these photos! I’ve been making awesome progress on my spectrum-ey garter stripe blanket, because since it’s ALL knit knit knit knit, I can work on it everywhere! On the bus! On my lunch break! While watching TV! Before bed! :D

After the gorgeous greens, I moved on to my first blue stripe – leftover True Blue worsted weight cormo wool from a 2010 Juniper Moon yarn share (I made a sweater with most of that yarn! I’m definitely going to share where each of the yarn leftovers for this blanket came from. Soon!)

True Blue

After the first blue stripe, I got so excited about being nearly finished one full repeat of all the colours! I added navy and purple next.

The cool colours!

I think it looks pretty great folded up…

Starting to look lovely!

But maybe even better all spread out :)

Ta da! Halfway there!

My plan is to knit another full repeat of the same colours in the same order – so, after the purple stripe, starting over again at the darkest red and working through the spectrum again.

Then, I’ll add some kind of border to finish the edges. Spoiler: it will probably involve i-cord :)


4 thoughts on “Garter Stripe Catch Up!

  1. I’m starting to look like some kind of a screaming nut on these posts since all I do is scream LOVE in all caps with a million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but MAN OH MAN DO I LOVE YOUR BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You do not look like a nut! No more than me anyway :) I love it so much! I’m already thinking that I’m going to have to find another blanket project when this one ends, because I’ll really miss it!

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