Yarn Blog Digest!

Here’s what I’ve been reading!

  • BT Men spotlight on a sweater I can absolutely see making my spouse: Redford!!
  • Another AMAZING works-in-progress series is going on over at the Juniper Moon Blog – Amber is knitting a Blaithin sweater! Check out both posts and get excited :)

What have you been reading this week?


2 thoughts on “Yarn Blog Digest!

  1. I love, love, love indigodragonfly’s yarn names. I’ve got a cowl made in “this is a fertile land and we shall thrive here” and a friend has a lovely one in “Grrrr, Argh.” I will definitely pledge to support her studio, especially if it means her yarns get easier to acquire!

    I’m not reading much this week – too busy being out and about enjoying the perfect weather!

    • I’m totally with you – Indigodragonfly is the best!! The pop culture references are so different from any other yarn line’s names :) Hopefully the studio will get built! I’m glad you’re getting a chance to enjoy the summer weather too :) Hope there’s a good weekend ahead for you!

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