Garter Garter Garter Rip

So, I’m still super addicted to and excited about my garter blanket project.

Honestly, I’ve kind of put my other in-progress projects (my Ease sweater and the crocheted cat nest) to the side in favour of MORE GARTER STITCH! That’s a very rare decision for me – I really like to finish projects, and usually focus on only one or two things at once until they’re complete before moving on to something new.

Adding a Nantucket pink stripe!

Since my last post, I knit another stripe in a new colour! I used some pink Juniper Moon share yarn from 2011 (whoa) – the limited edition colourway was called “Nantucket”. I made a Dark & Stormy sweater out of it, originally (you can see it on the JMF blog here!), and luckily, had some yarn leftover.

Cheerful garter stitch in progress

I had the next colourway all picked out already – a gorgeous hand- and naturally- dyed wool (dyed with madder) in a coral, cantaloupe colour from Maiwa on Granville Island, picked up on a trip to Vancouver with my sister a few years ago! I LOVE this yarn, and I’ve been saving it for something perfect.

I wanted to add this gorgeous peachy cantaloupe colour next...

Unfortunately, after I knit a couple of rows, I could tell there was a big difference in yarn weight. Although the label actually says DK weight, the cantaloupe yarn from Maiwa is significantly heavier than the other worsted weight yarns I’m using. It stretched out the stitches and distorted the blanket too much to be okay. I actually worked seven rows before I gave up and ripped out. I really wanted it to work!

Oh well… rip rip rip :)

...but had to rip it out because the weight difference was too great.

Now I have to decide whether to pop by my LYS and look for an affordable, lighter worsted replacement in a similar colour, or choose from one of the colours I have already. I’ve become very mentally attached to the idea of including a soft, warm orange tone, but maybe I should just stick with yarn I have already? Like this sunny yellow?

Garter Stripe Yarn Progress

What would you do? Advise me!! :)


16 thoughts on “Garter Garter Garter Rip

  1. I think I need a picture of the yarn sans cantaloupe as it’s throwing my colour eye off, but I say go with the yellow! It’s a bit more budget friendly and I think it will start you on the path to the other colours you have planned. Just my opinion! ;)

  2. Ooooh I love that soft warm peachy color! It’s the perfect transition to the buttery yellow that’s next on deck. Shopping, definitely shopping! Also, HI SARAH!!! (said wavily) :D

  3. My first instinct was go for the soft orangy color. But then again if you skip to the yellow, you will be that much closer to Ojai!

  4. I think it would be very pretty if you just go to the yellow, but I’m not a big fan of oranges in general. I think either way would work, though.

    • You know, I do not think of myself as an “orange” person either. I don’t have the right colouring to wear it, at all, and buy it very little. BUT, there are some oranges that I know, in my rational brain, ARE orange, but in my emotional brain I think of as sort of pinky orange, or coral… those, I LOVE :)

  5. Oh my gosh, your last picture just killed me with cute wonderfulness!!! (But of course, boo about the yarn being too heavy!)

    Advice? I have none. I love all your colors and think it will look amazing with or without a soft orangey color.

    • YAY I’m glad you liked my paint-esque photo graffiti! Ha ha :) I should have x-ed out the light blue in the photo, too, because it’s the same Maiwa yarn base, and it’ll be too heavy.

  6. I think you need to go shopping. That lovely sherbet color would transition so nicely into the yellow. I may be biased because I love that peachy/.cantalope color. OK so I can’t spell it, but I figure you can sound it out :)

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