Garter Stripe Blanket!

So, I’ve made a couple of knit and crocheted blankets in my time.

I knit a very ugly blanket out of heavy, neon bouclé novelty yarn when I lived in residence during my undergrad. (Someday I’ll post a photo of it… it is very warm, and very, very ugly. :) ) I crocheted a giant navy and black afghan for my now-husband back when he was just my boyfriend (maybe the way around the sweater curse is to make an even gianter gift project instead?). And I made a pretty, lacy baby-sized throw out of heavy fingering weight wool last year.

I really love blankets and throws, especially knitted ones, and I hope when I’m old and wrinklier, I’ll have a whole closetful. I have SO many in my Ravelry queue!

I’d like to make one of the ubiquitous sock yarn blankets someday, but I don’t have nearly enough scraps yet. I do, however, have some worsted weight leftovers that I think work well together, sooo…

I started a garter stripe blanket! This will be a long term project, but I’m smitten with it at the moment.

Garter Stripe

I love the ‘wrong’ side as much as the right side!

Garter Stripe Flip

I’ve got a few colours pulled out of my stash to add on as I go, and now I’m thinking I might even add some stripes going in the opposite direction to make it bigger (almost like a log cabin, but less log cabiney).

Garter Stripe Yarn

I’m really excited to see how this turns out, even if it might be a looong time until it’s finished!


8 thoughts on “Garter Stripe Blanket!

    • Well that’s okay, smaller projects are fun too! Or if you really wanted a blanket for some reason, maybe one where you just make small pieces and then join at the end? The very first blanket I made was done in squares, so that kind of helped it seem like smaller bits… but like I said, that blanket is hella ugly ;)

  1. AIIIEEEEE!!! It *IS* Log Cabiny! We should resurrect the JMF Log Cabin thread and you should share some progress there. I keep meaning to pull mine out and knit on it a little more bit. Then. Someday…

  2. I love this! I am on a huge blanket kick at the moment, and I think my husband may snap if I purchase another “blanket quantity” of yarn before some of the WIPS get finished.

    • Yay! I’m glad I’m not the only one who *really* loves blankets :) I dream that someday I’ll have a closet full of all different cozy blankets, and when guests come, they’ll have their pick!

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