Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos!

Hi friends!

I made a really delicious meal and thought I would share it with you :)

Tacos are a favourite around here, and there are even several different tacos trucks in my city. I’ve made some really excellent fish tacos with halibut and other white fish before, but I’m always looking for more vegetarian meals to add to our regular rotation. (No one in the family is vegetarian, we just like vegetables, recognize that it’s probably healthy to consume less meat, and like keeping the grocery bills down.)

Enter vegetable tacos! Specifically, sweet potato & black bean tacos!

Yam & Black Bean Tacos

I used Joy the Baker’s very tasty recipe for the black beans and for the perfect, tangy cabbage slaw. I used a slightly different spice mix on my sweet potatoes though, adapted from the spice mix in this baked sweet potato recipe (which used to be on the Pioneer Woman’s site but apparently isn’t anymore?).

I also added some extra toppings, because aren’t tacos ALL about the toppings? Sour cream, grated carrot, and avocado :) YUM!


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