A little bit of spinning!

Hi friends!

I’ve been trying to craft diversely lately, because although not as acute as it was, my persistent wrist soreness/numbness/weirdness is persisting. I’m hoping that keeping my fiber hobbies a bit more spread out and varied will help!

I’m only a novice spinner, but that’s okay with me. I have lots of gorgeous spindles, all made for me by my extremely talented brother-in-law. He’s a skilled cabinetmaker, but he’s also made me spindles, knitting needles, and some insanely gorgeous custom wooden PENS with my name engraved on them! I married into a family with some amazing skills :)

Anyway, back to the spinning! This fiber was a gift from my mom – it’s from Farmable Fibers, and it’s a mix of 80% merino and 20% bamboo.


I’m trying to spin it with the intention of using it as fingering/heavy fingering weight singles. Because I don’t plan to ply it, I’m trying to add just enough twist but not too much.

Do you spin? Tell me about it! :)


4 thoughts on “A little bit of spinning!

  1. Hey there, that “novice” spinning of yours looks picture-perfect to me! I tried to learn a few years back on two different spindles and a wheel. It, um, did not go well, to put it mildly. ;)

    • Aw, thanks friend! I’m very happy with the yarn that comes out of my spinning, but I say “novice” because I know I’m not doing it the way you’re supposed to… I still “park and draft”, and honestly I’m not even trying to stop doing it that way. It works for me and lets me get yarn that I like, even if it’s a bit slow! And, I have lots of “ugly” yarn from when I was figuring things out, too :)

  2. Lovely! I haven’t been brave enough to try a singles yarn yet. I never seem to add enough twist and things drift apart. I’m spinning for the tour de fleece, and one of my challenges is simply to add more twist than I think is necessary. Hopefully that will get me to a good place.

    • It’s definitely tricky! So far, I’ve found that setting the twist in super hot water helps my singles to stay together. Congrats on being brave enough to be a Tour de Fleecer!

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