Something crazy.

I did something crazy last night.

It’s something I haven’t done for years, since I was much younger.


I’m nearly always a knitter, although I did learn how to do very very basic crochet way back in the day. Last night, I saw this adorable pattern for a cat nest, and I knew it would be perfect for my cat. She loooves to squeeze into small cozy spaces for naps. After much googling and some helpful youtube videos, this…


Turned into this…


in the span of a couple of hours! I’m using a 9mm crochet hook. The green yarn is leftover Brown Sheep Burly Spun (from the first sweater I ever made!), and the gray is leftover Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick (from some Christmas gift slippers).

Okay, my hands are a bit sore this morning, and okay, I’ve now run out of bulky stash yarn to use. But the idea of a cozy cat nest is too adorable not to see it through! I’m stashdiving to see if I have some heavier worsted I could hold triple or something.

Excited! Cat Nest!! :)


2 thoughts on “Something crazy.

    • Thanks friend! I’m totally a super super crochet novice. I didn’t remember any stitches at all, I had to google everything! Plus, I’m not at all my usual perfectionist self with this project because it’s for a CAT. The cat will not notice or care if there’s some wonky parts. So it’s a good intro level thing!

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